I AM the Wizzard
I require periodic maintenance.
Providing parts & service for Dahlgren Engraving Machines for 27 years.
Can't remember the last time your Wizzard was serviced properly? It's probably time. Engraving machines require periodic cleaning & lubrication to insure the engraving goes to your customer rather than the trash can !!! Depending on application and use, engraving machines should be serviced at least once a year.
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Here's what we do during the "tune-up"
Inspect & adjust the following items:  
Belt pullies,V-wheels & bearings
Power supply voltages
Square cutter box
X & Y leadscrew couplers
Power supply connectors
Clamp knob & backing plate
External cartridge ports
Internal CRT & cable
Keyboard & mounting hardware
Printer port
Silver eccentric bar
Plate clamp tension

Lubricate or clean:  
X & Y leadscrews
Threaded clamping rod
Z axis hardware & backstop
Bridge guide rails
Silver eccentric bar
Remove debris from V-wheels
Leadscrew nuts
Carriage assembly guide rails
Leadscrew couplers
Clamping donut
Plate clamping guides
Keyboard keys

Outer cover
External fan & filter ( XL only )
Spindle nosecone debris
Blow out debris from mainboard
Motor & Power switches
CRT & glare filter
Remove old keyboard tape
On/Off switch assembly
Carbon brush build-up

Replace the following parts at no additional charge if needed:
Missing hardware
Power supply cover
Fuses/light bulbs on On/Off Assy
Motor belt
Fan filter
Case & pan assy screws
Cutter box nylon screw
Clamping spring
Z axis wavey washers
A/B jig bar screws

Final checks:
Engrave plate
Inspect letter quality
Minimize machine noise level
Verify jig settings
Rotary spindle bearings
Verify clamping assembly
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